Text format Wiki

You can create wiki links with the text format Wiki. Here is a description of the different links you can create:

Normally you will type []. The title is optional and if you
do not specity a plugin name the default one configured at Freelinking Settings page will be used.

Here is an example of each plugin:

Nodetitle: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-nodetitle freelink-internal" title="node/1" href="/node/1">test</a>

Drupal.org project: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-drupalproject freelink-external"

Drupal.org nid: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-drupalorgnid freelink-external"
href="http://drupal.org/node/1">Drupal.org: "About Drupal"</a>

Search: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-search freelink-internal" title="search/node/test"

Node nid: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-nid freelink-internal" title="node/2" href="/node/2">First page</a>

Google search: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-google freelink-external" title="http://www.google.com/search"
href="http://www.google.com/search?q=drupal&hl=en">Google Search "drupal"</a>

File: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-file freelink-internal"

Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikinews and Wikipedia: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-wikipedia freelink-external"

User profile: [] becomes
<a class="freelink freelink-user freelink-internal" title="user/1" href="/user/1">admin</a>