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WP1 - Geographical capabilities mapping

This workpackage is concerned with the assessment and mapping of non-satellite measurement capabilities and the assessment of geographical gaps. Recognising that there is a continuum of measurement capabilities of Essential Climate Variables(ECVs) across the multiple networks that constitute our global observational system, the workpackage shall:

  • Define assessment criteria for a system of systems consideration of observational capabilities (task 1.1).
  • Assess available metadata and assign above criteria to observational networks and their instrumentation (task 1.2).
  • Produce a graphical interface to enable users to investigate observational capabilities (task 1.3).
  • Undertake statistical (task 1.4) and model-based (task 1.5) assessments of geographical gaps and the implications upon our ability to characterise satellite-based measurements.


Figure: Posited system of systems approach to observing system maturity arising from Task 1.1.

Making better sense of the mosaic of environmental measurement networks: a system-of-systems approach and quantitative assessment

This discussion paper, summarizing the maturity assessment approach, is under review here at the journal Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems (GI). Constructive critical reviews are highly welcome.

Maturity Matrix Assessment published

We have now published our Maturity Matrix Assessments (MMA).

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