This workpackage is concerned with the assessment and mapping of non-satellite measurement capabilities and the assessment of geographical gaps. Recognising that there is a continuum of measurement capabilities of Essential Climate Variables(ECVs) across the multiple networks that constitute our global observational system, the workpackage shall:

  • Define assessment criteria for a system of systems consideration of observational capabilities (task 1.1).
  • Assess available metadata and assign above criteria to observational networks and their instrumentation (task 1.2).
  • Produce a graphical interface to enable users to investigate observational capabilities (task 1.3).
  • Undertake statistical (task 1.4) and model-based (task 1.5) assessments of geographical gaps and the implications upon our ability to characterise satellite-based measurements.


Figure: Posited system of systems approach to observing system maturity arising from Task 1.1.