Virtual Observatory

The GAIA-CLIM Virtual Observatory is providing a unified platform for co-located observations, with statistics and uncertainty propagation information for both level-1 and level-2 products, making it a unique and powerful tool for users. It has been developed as a demonstrator tool that is proposed to be implement in the European Copernicus programme. In it's curent demonstrator status, the Virtual Observatory provides co-located datasets for the following key Essential Climate Variables (ECVs): Temperature and Humidity, Aerosols, Ozone, as well as Brightness Temperature. The last is augmented with information from Numerical Weather Prediction models and simulations using reference observations as input. The Virtual Observatory visualizes observed parameters (e.g. temperature or humidity profiles) together with the measurement uncertainty and the unavoidable additional uncertainties due to processing for data sparseness and vertical smoothing, harmonization of profiles, etc. Co-located data can be directly downloaded to enable an offline analyse.

The GAIA-CLIM Virtual Observatory is available from: