GAIA-CLIM home page

The aim of the Gap Analysis for Integrated Atmospheric ECV CLImate Monitoring (GAIA-CLIM) project is to improve our ability to use ground-based and sub-orbital observations to characterise satellite observations for a number of atmospheric Essential Climate Variables (ECVs). The key outcomes will be a “Virtual Observatory” facility of co-locations and their uncertainties and a report on gaps in capabilities or understanding, which shall be used to inform subsequent Horizon 2020 activities.

Key activities under GAIA-CLIM are to:

  • Define data quality by assessable attributes, such as traceablity, documentation, metadata retention, uncertainty quantification.
  •  Map observational capabilities.
  • Improve understanding and uncertainty quantification of selected in-situ, ground-based, and sub-orbital measurements.
  • Better quantify the impacts of inevatable measurement mismatches between satellite observations and the non-satellite measurements .
  • Use Data Assimilation to improve the usefulness of high-quality measurements in characterising satellite performance.
  • Provide useable and actionable both satellite and non-satellite data and tools to end users to improve their value for a broad range of applications.