This workpackage is concerned with enabling user access to and use of satellite to non-satellite data comparisons through a “Virtual Observatory” facility. A range of visualisation and analysis tools will be developed to enable users to explore, analyse, and interact with the data. The Virtual Observatory shall be built to showcase potential methods by which the underlying scientific advances in workpackages 1 through 4 can be realised. It will be built in such a way that it could subsequently become an operational service, but within this project shall only serve as a proof-of-concept facility. The workpackage shall:

  • Create a collocation database of reference-quality non-satellite measurements and satellite measurements (Task 5.1).
  • Build a graphical user interface and user tools (Task 5.2).
  • Evaluate the resulting Virtual Observatory facility (Task 5.3).
  • Produce a transition roadmap of additional steps required to make the Virtual Observatory operational (Task 5.4).

Figure: Front page of the Virtual Observatory facility.