This workpackage is concerned with improving our quantification of irreducible uncertainties that arise from inevitable non-coincidence of satellite and non-satellite measurements. The measurements may occur at slightly different times or locations or measure different volumes. Because the atmosphere is a dynamic fluid system any mismatch will lead to a difference that arises from changes in the atmospheric state. These differences must be accounted for in any meaningful comparison between the satellite and non-satellite measurements if reliable inferences are to be made. The workpackage shall:

  • Characterise the uncertainties arising for single instruments (Task 3.1).
  • Characterise the uncertainties arising for more spatially comprehensive network comparisons (Task 3.2).
  • Develop software tools to enable the use in the forthcoming “Virtual Observatory” (WP5, Task 3.3).


Figure: Conceptual visualisation of the metrology of a satellite-ground measurement comparison Verhoelst et al., 2015.