Remedy 1: Successful implementation of the Copernicus Climate Change Service activity on baseline and reference network data access via the Climate Data Store

Primary gap remedy type: 
Secondary gap remedy type: 
Proposed remedy description: 

The C3S 311a Lot 3 contract, concerned with access to baseline and reference network data, shall make considerable strides in making harmonised access to reference- and baseline-network data available under a common data model and with clear articulation of data policies that enables appropriate and seamless usage. Work is envisaged to cover aspects of data access brokering, data harmonisation, and data provision and builds upon aspects of work within GAIA-CLIM. Data shall be served via the Climate Data Store (CDS) facility of C3S. However, it is limited to accessing data from a subset of atmospheric networks and ECVs, so in the longer-term, extension to remaining atmospheric ECVs and oceanic and terrestrial ECVs would be required were these to be used for satellite cal/val. 


The remedy would provide single point of access to harmonised data products served under a common data model. Note that rapid access, e.g. for satellite validation in the commissioning phase, is not being addressed through this remedy. 

Measurable outcome of success: 

Data available via the CDS and used in applications such as the GAIA-CLIM Virtual Observatory

Expected viability for the outcome of success: 
  • High
Scale of work: 
  • Programmatic multi-year, multi-institution activity
Time bound to remedy: 
  • Less than 5 years
Indicative cost estimate (investment): 
  • Medium cost (< 5 million)
Indicative cost estimate (exploitation): 
  • Yes
Potential actors: 
  • Copernicus funding